Zoning Districts

The City of Willow Springs is divided into 9 different zoning districts for the purpose of regulating the location of businesses, trades, industries, residences, and other land uses.  Those 9 districts are as follows:

R-1 One Family District
R-2 One Family District
R-3 Multi Family District

B-1 Central Business District
B-2 Highway Business District

I-1 General Industrial District

S-1 Flood Plain District
S-2 Slope District
S-3 Historic Building District

For additional information on each of the above districts, please click on each district name to follow the link.  While all zoning districts have specific permitted uses, landowners have the right to request an appearance before the Planning & Zoning Committee for a special use permit.  If the Committee wishes to make a recommendation in favor of that special use permit, the matter will then go before the Board of Aldermen for a vote.

To request a meeting before the Planning & Zoning Committee or to make contact with the City Clerk, please complete the Contact Us form and someone will respond to you within 1 business day.